What and Why

Is CrossFit for Me?

CrossFit IS for anyone that wants to improve their fitness level and quality of life.

Despite what many people have heard about CrossFit being extremely intense, CrossFit is and can be designed for everyone.

Here is why:

CrossFit methodology is completely scalable to the individual.  Fitness varies by “degree” not function.  What this means is that all of our bodies perform natural unique multi-joint movements, they just all do it to different degrees.   We all perform squats, deadlifts and overhead motions , just in varying degrees throughout our lives.  CrossFit programming is scalable by degree not by function.  This makes EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT Scalable to YOUR FITNESS ABILITY AND LEVEL.

Second, The results are amazing and simple… IT WORKS!  Our athletes drop pant sizes, become more flexible, become lean, feel that the movements of LIFE are easier, have more energy, get better sleep, and live a better quality of life incorporating CrossFit methodology into their lives.

The workouts are quick, fun and ALWAYS different.  The Art is in The Programming, the science is in the movements!

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